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    Enter the world of the beautiful, rich and blissful. As a guest at our Les Tourelles Castle in the South of France at the Côte d’Azur you will feel like a distinguished 19th Century lord of the castle. Look down from the historic castle onto a wonderful palm garden with Mediterranean vegetation. The heavenly bay of Saint-Tropez unfurls beneath you. The sun shines down from the cloudless sky onto the azure sea – the whole year round. Not only our hotel but also the area and charm of the people in St. Maxime embody "la vie en rose" – the good life. Quite simply because it’s more beautiful here than anywhere else in the world.


    A holiday in the château is truly regal. The white castle is illuminated by the sun and surrounded by a glorious palm garden. On a princely terrace enjoy the view of the azure sea. It is quiet in your very elegantly and exquisitely furnished room, which you reach via a nostalgic lift. Anyone wanting it even more exclusive can book our suite on the castle roof with roof terrace and unique view of the bay of St. Tropez, a large living room, a luxurious bedroom with a four-poster bed. The sun also goes on holiday in Sainte-Maxime. We have over 300 sunny days per year here. Spend a holiday worthy of the Sun King in the Les Tourelles hotel.


    We rise with the sun and prepare a fabulous breakfast for you. The "petit déjeuner" consists of many delicious goodies accompanied by magnificent aromas of croissants, baguettes with marmalade or honey, fresh coffee or espresso. Look forward to a fantastic day at the sea, then while away the end of the day in our Moorish style swimming pool. Perhaps the fragrance of Mediterranean food will entice you, while authentic French delicacies are being prepared in our restaurant in "Le Jardin Provencal" castle. A holiday in the Les Tourelles Castle Hotel offers "that special something”.


    Where else is home to great wine if not in the South of France at the Côte d’Azur? Enjoy a glass of aromatic Chardonnay in our "Gaumont" café bar or the particularly typical rosé wines of the "Côte de Provence". Provencal pastis is also pure happiness in a glass. You simply must try this tasty anise liquor. On the terrace in the evening with a view of our palm garden we serve you a lively cocktail or a tempting ice cream sundae. A votre santé!


We look forward to
hearing from you!


We look forward to
hearing from you!


    Anyone taking a holiday at the Côte d'Azur, mustn't miss the wonderful old cities of Nice and Cannes. Nice is a typical city on the Mediterranean with a harbour, promenades, cafés, restaurants, markets and naturally the Garibaldi palace! The palace is the centre of the action, where just a few metres from the old town the many street musicians here show what they can do. Cannes is also as famous as it is glamourous, not least of all due to the film festival every year.


    Of course first of all there is the sea. Clear and blue it accounts for the Côte d'Azur's appeal. Sea and mountains, bays, that's swimming on the French Mediterranean coast. It has a wonderful charm amid its diverse contrasts of tradition and modernity. Luxury, hustle and bustle and exotic floral splendour at the sea, placid, quiet, grandiose nature and peaceful villages in the hinterland. We rightly call this coast "paradise".


    Blue is our colour, water our element. For this reason you will also find everything at the Côte d'Azur that one can do in, on and under the water. Movement in the water is good for the body and soul. It strengthens the muscles and frees the senses. So, let's get on the surfboard, flyboat, jet-ski, water ski! Hire a sailboat or motorboat, discover the sea and its inhabitants beneath the water's surface. Everything else is Plan B!


    We look forward to your visit and are courteous, attentive and uncomplicated. We speak and understand your language. We actually do!. Not just your native tongue. We want you to feel at home with us, the whole year round. The best thing would be to find out for yourself what it's really like with us. "Alors, á bientôt"


We look forward to
hearing from you!